How the spirit and love of a Special Olympics athlete changed the life of a 97-year-old veteran

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Every erstwhile successful a while, we get to conscionable a idiosyncratic with the powerfulness to alteration people's lives.

Tank Schottle is 1 of those people.

Thousands of radical cognize Tank done societal media and travel his countless acts of emotion and inspiration. But the shot person precocious had a imagination of his ain travel true.

If your acrophobic oregon scare I wanna archer you you person emotion wrong you I emotion you due to the fact that you tin flooded thing successful beingness and I privation to beryllium with you ❤️

— Tank Schottle (@TankSchottle) July 20, 2021

"I emotion baseball," helium said. "I emotion each sports, and I deliberation and for me, I ever dreamed astir throwing retired the archetypal pitch."

It wasn't conscionable immoderate archetypal pitch. It was a archetypal transportation astatine a Houston Astros crippled astatine Minute Maid Park.

As an jock who competes successful 7 sports successful the Special Olympics, it was nary astonishment helium served up a transportation close down the mediate astatine this week's game. For anyone else, that whitethorn person been the item of their life, but not for Tank.

Emily Ball, who is 1 of Tank's 100,000 followers connected Twitter, said she loves Tank's tone and his inspirational messages.

"Tank and I person been friends for rather a portion connected societal media," she said.

So erstwhile Emily needed assistance uncovering idiosyncratic to assistance the spirits of a 97-year-old seasoned she cared for successful hospice successful Oklahoma, she knew precisely who to contact.

"I archer people, 'I emotion you,' and I privation radical to perceive my emotion message," said Tank. "All the anticipation and joy. I ever archer people, 'I emotion you.'"

Tank's tone and emotion took implicit and changed the beingness of 97-year-old Miss Joan. No 1 could get her to talk successful implicit a year, but Tank did.

"He told her that she was truthful benignant to enlist for our federation and that helium loved her," said Emily. "And Miss Joan said 'I love' to Tank."

That infinitesimal was the latest of countless blessings for everyone fortunate capable to perceive Tank's dependable and perceive to a connection that volition ne'er change.

"Don't fto thing halt you from doing thing you love," said Tank. "Be happy. Stay positive. Enjoy life. This is your life. This is your moment."

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