Houston Raceway Park's closing after 2022 NHRA sparks concerns over street racing

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BAYTOWN, Texas (KTRK) -- Race fans, aft 35 years, the Houston Raceway Park successful Baytown volition flash the greenish lights for the past time.

A station connected the raceway's website said the extremity of the 2022 NHRA volition "signal the extremity of an epoch successful Texas motorsports history."

"Our household is highly arrogant to person showcased the apical level of nonrecreational resistance racing for 35 fantastic years," way relation Seth Angel said. "It's been a imagination travel existent to conscionable and enactment with each the unthinkable drivers, squad owners and NHRA executives who travel unneurotic each twelvemonth to entertain the millions of racing fans successful our area."

The Houston Raceway hosted its archetypal nationalist lawsuit successful 1988. Since then, the raceway has been the tract of galore peculiar moments, including victories for a brace of aboriginal multi-time satellite champions, according to its site.

While it's unclear wherefore it volition beryllium closing, the raceway said that pursuing the extremity of the 2022 NHRA, the caller spot owners volition repurpose the resistance racing analyzable into an concern concern park.

"We emotion this track. We person been coming present for months, years now," said operator Chris Perez.

"It's been portion of my beingness my full life," Brian Mason added.

Fast cars drove aged and caller racers retired to the way wherever they could rev their engines for a ineligible and harmless race. On Tuesday, they learned they're rolling toward the extremity of the road.

Mason said astir of what helium volition miss happens disconnected the track.

"I retrieve hanging retired nether the large oak histrion erstwhile I was a kid. I retrieve the odor of the concession stand, the laughter, the joking, and the noises successful the background. Those commencement to truly travel to the top, too," Mason said. "Those memories volition truly commencement to good up adjacent much truthful arsenic the day gets person to shutting it down."

In 2022, this benignant of car civilization volition person to find a antithetic spot to park, and Perez said that's disappointing.

"It sucks. That's it. That's truly it," Perez said. "It sucks, but I conjecture we'll find determination other to go."

There is interest that with the closure, much thoroughfare racing could instrumentality implicit Houston highways. Local instrumentality enforcement precocious got unneurotic astatine the raceway to discourage that benignant of unsafe driving, but soon, they won't beryllium capable to steer racers successful this direction.

"It concerns maine a batch for the guys that volition not halt and deliberation astir what they're doing earlier they get retired determination and endanger themselves and others, successful particular," Perez said.

The interest is catching velocity astatine a racetrack that's abbreviated connected time.

For much details connected its closure, sojourn the Houston Raceway Park's website.

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