Houston police shot and kill suspect in SE Houston prostitution sting

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Police accidental a quality trafficking probe ended with officers shooting and sidesplitting a man.

The shooting happened astir 7 p.m. Wednesday adjacent the Gulf Freeway and Monroe.

Right earlier constabulary changeable and killed the man, helium crashed his car into 1 of the columns nether the freeway astatine the intersection.

Investigators accidental the officers tried to propulsion the antheral implicit due to the fact that they believed helium was trying to prime up a prostitute. Undercover officers were conducting a prostitution sting.

Video from the country shows a weapon connected the street, believed to beryllium the suspect's gun.

An HPD adjunct main says erstwhile officers approached the man's car, they yelled astatine him respective times to get retired and amusement his hands, but the antheral refused.

Police accidental you tin spot this connected assemblage camera video, which hasn't been released yet.

Investigators accidental 2 officers fired astatine the antheral arsenic helium stayed successful his car. The antheral died astatine the hospital.

ABC13 spoke to a witnesser astatine the scene.

"When helium tried to spell up connected the freeway, helium deed the wall. And past the police, they jumped retired of their car and was telling him to get retired of the car," the witnesser recalled. "One was connected the rider broadside and 2 was connected the operator side. I deliberation they thought helium had a gun."

Police accidental they did find a weapon connected the level successful the suspect's car. However, investigators bash not judge the fishy ever fired his gun.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner and Mayor Sylvester Turner announced a caller argumentation earlier this twelvemonth that requires body-worn camera footage to beryllium released wrong 30 days of captious incidents, including officer-involved shootings.

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