Houston man accused of killing ex-girlfriend removed from courtroom for 2nd day in a row

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A man, who had 7 felony bonds erstwhile constabulary accidental helium killed his ex-girlfriend and wounded her son, erstwhile again had to beryllium removed from a courtroom for an outburst successful beforehand of a justice Friday morning.

Just the time before, 27-year-old Zacchaeus Rashad Gaston, who is being held connected $1.5 cardinal bond, had to beryllium removed wrong Harris County Probable Cause Court arsenic helium made an outburst toward the justice and prosecutor.

On Friday, helium was restrained by deputies astir arsenic soon arsenic helium entered the courtroom, faced the justice momentarily, and past removed. The latest courtroom video tin beryllium seen successful the subordinate above.

Video of Thursday's outburst and removal tin beryllium seen successful the subordinate below.

"I'm guiltless until I'm proven guilty," Gaston told the tribunal Thursday during a proceeding successful which those charged with crimes typically are warned to stay silent.

"Don't speech astir me," helium added arsenic his charges and the details down them were read. The authoritative painted a representation of a cold-blooded killer.

"According to the warrant, the big complainant was already connected the crushed erstwhile helium fired 1 changeable into her torso," she said. "He past was seen lasting implicit her firing 4 to 5 much shots into the complainant's assemblage earlier helium fled the scene."

Bond was acceptable astatine $1 cardinal connected the execution complaint and $500,000 for the complaint of aggravated battle with a deadly weapon.

Gaston was taken into custody aboriginal Thursday greeting successful the decease of 24-year-old Layla Steele successful the Westchase country connected July 1.

An anonymous extremity to Crime Stoppers led to his arrest.

UPDATE: This apprehension was made acknowledgment to an #anonymous extremity to the Crime Stoppers of Houston Tip Line!

Thank you to the tipster who did the close happening & reported to our Tip Line truthful this fishy could beryllium recovered & taken into custody.

As always, our Tip Line is unfastened 24/7! #hounews https://t.co/nYIIq6lc7s

— Crime Stoppers HOU (@CrimeStopHOU) July 15, 2021

According to police, officers responded to the shooting astatine an flat analyzable located astatine 11212 Westpark Drive. Authorities said it started arsenic a home quality betwixt Gaston and Steele extracurricular the flat complex.

Witnesses reportedly saw the mates engaged successful a carnal altercation earlier Gaston allegedly changeable Steele and her 1-year-old lad and fled the scene.

When officials arrived, Steele was successful captious condition. Emergency unit gave her CPR and were capable to get her pulse, but she aboriginal died astatine the hospital.

ORIGINAL STORY: Mother killed, 1-year-old wounded successful home unit shooting incidental successful Westchase area

According to police, a slug struck her babe boy's ankle. The child, Zeus, was besides transported to the hospital.

Family told ABC13 that Gaston is Zeus' father. Officials said the antheral had an ankle monitor. However, it's unclear if helium was wearing the instrumentality astatine the clip of the shooting.

Steele had a protective bid against Gaston, according to family. Gaston was charged with violating the protective bid successful April of this year.

Court records amusement Gaston was charged with battle connected a household subordinate aft helium allegedly deed Steele successful the caput with a integrative vessel and threatened her with a weapon during a quality successful September 2020.

That lawsuit was dismissed by the tribunal connected June 29, 2021.

"We wonderment what could we person done to forestall this. Once again, we don't privation to enactment immoderate responsibility anywhere, however, with the fishy being retired connected enslaved for 7 large felonies, this could person been prevented," said HPD Asst. Chief Patricia Cantu earlier this month.

Family acceptable up a GoFundMe page to assistance wage for babe Zeus' aesculapian expenses.

GET HELP: If you request assistance getting retired of a home unit situation, telephone the Houston Area Women's Center 24/7 hotline astatine 713-528-2121 oregon telephone AVDA astatine 713-224-9911. You tin besides click present to chat with an advocator online. If you are deaf oregon hard of proceeding and request help, telephone 713-528-3625.

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