Hispanic heritage mural covered up by building's new owners in north Houston

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A historical mural that celebrates Houston's Hispanic assemblage has virtually been "white-washed" aft years of being connected show connected the city's northbound side.

The communicative was archetypal reported by our quality partners astatine the Houston Chronicle.

Now, immoderate residents successful the vicinity are fed up, saying it shows a deficiency of respect for their culture.

"I was disappointed and bittersweet astatine first," said assemblage person Richard Reyes, who is besides Houston's "Pancho Claus."

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Reyes told ABC13 helium was shocked erstwhile helium learned that idiosyncratic had painted implicit the mural, which erstwhile covered a partition extracurricular of the Washateria connected Airline Drive.

"I deliberation we person a responsibility, we who enactment murals up, to besides person a program connected however to support them up," said Reyes.

The artwork, commissioned successful the aboriginal 90s by 2 John H. Reagan High School students, honored Reyes' unsocial Pancho Claus character.

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Reyes said though helium was initially taken aback erstwhile the mural was erased, helium besides understands wherefore the caller owners did it. Reyes said they told him pieces of the artwork had begun to spot away.

"I thought astir however it's been up determination for astir 30 years, connected a backstage building, and that's truly unheard of," helium said. "I was truly appreciative of it."

ABC13 reached retired to the Houston Avocado Real Estate Company aft their concern purchased the gathering wherever the artwork primitively stood.

They responded with the pursuing statement.

Now, leaders astatine the Latino Learning Center are doing each they tin to sphere their civilization done different pieces of artwork astir Houston.

"The archetypal happening we request to bash is place each of those murals. This is to collectively hole each the murals astir town," said organizer Rene Hernandez with the Latino Learning Center.

Hernandez encourages section artists and assemblage members to travel to the Latino Learning Center Saturday astatine 3 p.m. to sermon ideas connected recreating creation pieces astir the city.

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