High-speed chase in stolen rental car spanned across 5 Houston-area counties

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A high-speed pursuit crossed 5 Houston-area counties overnight spanned much than 100 miles and reached speeds of much than 100 mph.

Some Houston constabulary officers adjacent had to halt and refuel during the Thursday nighttime chase.

Portions of the pursuit were captured connected aggregate cameras, including jam cams each crossed Houston. You tin spot footage of the pursuit successful the video subordinate above.

The pursuit began astir 9 p.m. erstwhile HPD officers spotted a stolen Nissan Versa successful a edifice parking batch astatine I-10 and Highway 6. Officers attempted to behaviour a postulation stop, but the operator fled.

The fishy successful the pursuit covered a batch of ground, starring constabulary southbound connected Highway 6 to Highway 90 and past onto the Southwest Freeway, speeding done downtown and past each the mode north. The pursuit yet ended successful Liberty County adjacent Cleveland.

Video from the country shows the infinitesimal officers arrested the man. K9 units were lasting by.

In an effort to halt the suspect, a DPS chopper was deployed and units from Montgomery and Liberty County some attempted to spike the tires of the fishy vehicle.

The operator made it arsenic acold northbound arsenic Livingston earlier turning astir and heading backmost towards Cleveland, wherever helium was yet stopped by officers and taken into custody.

In total, the pursuit spanned crossed Harris, Montgomery, Liberty, San Jacinto and Polk County.

So wherefore was this antheral connected the run? Aside from being successful a car that was stolen from an Enterprise Rental Car connected Houston's westbound broadside a fewer days ago, investigators accidental they besides recovered an assortment of amerciable drugs successful the suspect's possession.

Charges volition beryllium filed successful Harris County, officers said.

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