Heights 4-year-old makes smiles happen with free toy garage

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In dozens of locations crossed Houston and successful the United States, you whitethorn announcement those tiny shelters on sidewalks that incorporate dozens of escaped books you tin borrow. They're known arsenic "Little Free Libraries," and they're rather the attraction for radical who unrecorded adjacent them.
They besides promote literacy.

Beau Roessler, a 4-and-a-half-year-old, has taken the escaped room conception and turned it into a store to location miniature cars similar Hotwheels and Matchbox cars extracurricular the Heights location helium shares with his parents and small sister.

"I don't cognize overmuch astir toys, but I cognize overmuch astir cars due to the fact that I emotion cars," Beau said arsenic helium showed disconnected his garage.

The tiny structure successful beforehand of his Heights-area location was built in-part by his dad, whose hobby arsenic a woodworker shows done the craftsmanship. It adjacent has a retractable store door.

People are capable to instrumentality a car, permission a car oregon both.

"I deliberation the thought was to commercialized out. They commercialized astatine the parkland each the clip and they emotion to commercialized cars," his mother, Kate Roessler, said.

With the assistance of societal media and stories successful the Heights Leader News, its popularity has taken disconnected successful the abbreviated clip the store has been successful existence.

Beau has dozens of miniature cars of his own. His favourite ones alteration with time.

"I don't cognize wherever his obsession with cars comes from," Beau's father, Alex Roessler, said. "I don't speech astir cars. She (Kate) doesn't speech astir cars. No 1 knows."

The root of Beau's emotion for the toys whitethorn beryllium a mystery, but it seems he's ever had 1 adjacent by since earlier helium was a toddler, his parents said.

Beau and his household judge the small escaped store volition assistance bring a small much happiness to their neighbors and beyond.

"This idiosyncratic was truly bully and near an other car," Beau said arsenic helium looked implicit the caller inventory Friday morning.

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