Heartbreak Hotel: TWA Flight 800, 25 years later (Trailer)

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JAMAICA, Queens -- Twenty-five years agone this Saturday, TWA Flight 800 exploded conscionable minutes aft takeoff from New York's Kennedy Airport.

Some 230 lives were mislaid implicit the Atlantic Ocean disconnected Long Island, and for the families of the victims, the Ramada Plaza JFK Hotel became the absorption of their pain, grief and despair arsenic they awaited connection connected their loved ones.

It became wide known arsenic the Heartbreak Hotel.

WABC-TV Channel 7 Eyewitness News newsman Josh Einiger visits the haunting, abandoned clip capsule of sorrow with relatives, including a Texas man, Joe Lychner, who publically lived a idiosyncratic hell, losing his woman and 2 daughters, earlier uncovering his spot and starting to fight.

Josh besides returned to the edifice ruin with Heidi Snow Cinader, who mislaid her fiancé onboard Flight 800. She converted her calamity into a calling to assistance others past grief.

The gripping docuseries from WABC-TV, "Heartbreak Hotel: Flight 800, 25 Years Later," debuts connected Friday wherever you watercourse this station.

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