Harris Co.'s COVID threat level raised from yellow to orange in midst of latest spike

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- UPDATE: Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo officially raised the county's COVID-19 menace level from yellowish "moderate" to orangish "significant" successful the midst of spiking cases during a "fourth wave" of the pandemic.

The region person besides pleaded with residents to deterioration look coverings until numbers get backmost nether control, arsenic good arsenic urging those who haven't to get vaccinated.

Hidalgo made the plea successful the aftermath of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott insisting that helium would not bring backmost a disguise mandate.

All updates volition beryllium added to this article. Earlier reporting tin beryllium recovered successful the following:

A time aft Gov. Greg Abbott said helium won't contented a caller disguise mandate amid a emergence successful COVID-19 cases and the accelerated dispersed of the Delta variant, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is again sounding the alarm astir the ongoing pandemic.

Hidalgo is expected to denote an summation successful the county's COVID menace level astatine a briefing connected Thursday morning.
Just 2 months ago, Hidalgo had lowered the menace level from 'red' to 'orange.'

Then it dropped again to its existent status, Level 3, telling radical to enactment vigilant unless afloat vaccinated. Level 3 means determination is simply a mean menace and the section healthcare strategy is good wrong capacity.

The color-coded alert strategy was archetypal introduced amid the highest of the pandemic past year. It's designed to assistance supply the nationalist with guidance connected however to support themselves.

These are the 4 levels of the COVID-19 menace strategy for Harris County:

  • Level 1 - Severe (red) Stay Home
  • Level 2 - Significant (orange) Minimize All Contacts
  • Level 3 - Moderate (yellow) Stay Vigilant
  • Level 4 - Minimal (green) Resume Normal Contacts

On Wednesday, Abbott said helium would not enforce a statewide disguise mandate aft lifting the bid successful March due to the fact that "there are truthful galore radical who person immunities to COVID, whether it beryllium done the vaccination, whether it beryllium done their ain vulnerability and their betterment from it, which would beryllium acquired immunity."

It would beryllium "inappropriate to necessitate radical who already person immunity to deterioration a mask," Abbott said.
Still, immoderate indicators that were considered reddish flags during the pandemic successful 2020 person accrued successful Texas.

On Sunday, the state's positivity complaint - the ratio of cases to tests - went supra 10% for the archetypal clip since February, a threshold that Abbott has antecedently identified arsenic dangerous.

Less than fractional of Texans, 43% arsenic of Sunday, were afloat vaccinated.

This is simply a processing story. Stream Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo's briefing successful the video subordinate supra oregon connected our apps.

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