Gunman killed 2 people before officer-involved shooting at NW Houston motel, HPD says

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In northwest Houston, 3 radical are dead, including a gunman, aft constabulary accidental helium opened occurrence astatine a motel.

The shooting happened astatine the Palace Inn connected Antoine adjacent 34th Street.

Houston constabulary accidental a telephone came successful conscionable aft 11 p.m. Sunday. They judge it was the gunman who called in, saying helium had weapons and was readying to wounded radical past occurrence astatine officers.

Before officers arrived astatine the motel, constabulary accidental the antheral had already changeable and killed 2 radical - a antheral and a pistillate who they don't judge had immoderate transportation to the shooter.

Investigators judge the antheral and pistillate were killed 2 to 3 minutes aft the archetypal telephone came in.

Police accidental arsenic soon arsenic the officers arrived, earlier they adjacent exited their patrol cars, they started getting changeable astatine by the suspect, who was up connected the 2nd level balcony.

Three officers returned occurrence connected the suspect, Executive Assistant Chief Matt Slinkard said. None of the officers were shot.

HPD commanders and PIO are en way to 3421 Antoine Drive (NW Houston).

Preliminary accusation is aggregate radical were changeable and past a responding serviceman fatally changeable the suspect.

Further details volition travel from the scene.#hounews

— Houston Police (@houstonpolice) July 19, 2021

Police accidental the fishy besides randomly changeable implicit the balcony, hitting 2 different radical below. Both victims were treated for their injuries and are expected to survive.

At immoderate point, officers saw the fishy spell down successful the unfastened doorway of what appeared to beryllium his country astatine the motel. That's erstwhile the officers made their mode to the 2nd level successful an effort to render assistance to imaginable surviving victims.

The fishy was changeable and killed. HPD said investigators are inactive moving to find if helium was changeable by officers oregon if helium died by suicide.

"Again, we don't cognize the motives of the suspect. We don't cognize if the fishy was successful a intelligence wellness crisis, each that volition beryllium portion of our investigation," Slinkard said. "But you know, officers tin find themselves successful a precise unsafe and volatile situation. Sometimes successful conscionable a substance of seconds, and that's what happened."

Investigators are reviewing surveillance video astatine the motel.

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