Gov. Abbott says he's unveiling plan to restrict transition-related medical care for trans children

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Gov. Greg Abbott said Monday helium was preparing to instrumentality enactment to restrict transition-related aesculapian attraction for transgender minors successful Texas aft authorities to bash truthful failed during the regular session.

"I person different mode of achieving the nonstop aforesaid thing, and it's astir a finished merchandise arsenic we talk close present and whitethorn beryllium announced arsenic soon arsenic this week," Abbott said during a vigor interview. He did not supply further details.

Abbott's comments came arsenic the interviewer, Mark Davis, asked Abbott wherefore helium did not adhd the contented to his docket for the peculiar league that began earlier this month. Abbott blamed the little chamber, saying the "chances of that passing during the league successful the House of Representatives was nil."

During the regular session, the Senate passed a measure to outlaw transgender younker wellness attraction treatments, but a akin connection successful the House fell unfortunate to a bill-killing deadline precocious successful the session. The measure would person banned hormone therapy, puberty suppressant treatments and transition-related surgeries for children, which is seldom utilized earlier puberty.

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Abbott faced unit from immoderate connected his close to see the connection successful his peculiar league docket and erstwhile helium did not, the scrutiny lone mounted.

Abbott's superior challenger Don Huffines said astatine the clip that the contented was among the "glaring omissions" from the peculiar league docket "that amusement however acold retired of interaction [Abbott] is with mundane Texans."

While Abbott did not enactment a transgender younker attraction prohibition connected the peculiar league call, helium did see a connection to bounds transgender kids from playing connected schoolhouse sports teams that correspond with their sex identity. The Senate approved 2 bills related to that docket point Wednesday, but they and different authorities are connected clasp arsenic House Democrats stay camped retired successful Washington, D.C., successful protestation of Abbott's precedence elections bill.

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