Georgia GOP In Chaos As Herschel Walker Defies Trump

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Herschel Walker broke with Trump connected the large prevarication and said that helium was going to tally his run his ain way.

Video of Walker connected Brian Kilmeade’s vigor show:

Wowie! Herschel Walker doesn’t recognize however the 2021 GOP works! When asked astir Trump’s latest connection astir 2020 election, helium says, “That’s not the close message..I’m precise honored helium endorsed maine .. but helium knows Herschel Walker is going to it HW’s way.. It’s not DT running.”

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) October 19, 2021

Walker said connected Brian Kilmeade’s vigor amusement erstwhile asked if Trump has the close connection connected 2022, “That is not the close message. Everyone got to get retired and vote. We can’t look astatine the past. We can’t proceed to look astatine the past, and that’s what I’ve tried to archer people, and President Trump, I’m precise honored that helium endorsed maine due to the fact that helium cognize that I’m the close antheral for the job, but helium besides knows Herschel Walker is going to bash it Herschel Walker’s way, meaning I’m going to spell retired and tally for this seat. It’s not Donald Trump moving for it. It’s Herschel Walker moving for it.”

This Is Not How Trump’s Republican Party Works.

In Virginia, Glenn Youngkin has been akin comments that convey Trump for his endorsement but marque it wide that helium does not privation Donald Trump successful Virginia campaigning for him. 

Trump is trying to marque Republicans tally connected the Big Lie successful 2022, oregon helium is going to support his voters astatine home. At least, that is the menace that he’s made.

Trump expects full loyalty from the Republican Party, but without the powerfulness of the presidency to usage to intimidate people, candidates similar Walker are breaking distant from him.

The chaos that outgo the Republican Party the Senate successful 2020 looks acceptable to assistance the Democrats support the Senate successful 2022.

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