George Floyd's great-niece shot: HPD didn't arrive until 4 hours after shooting, girl's dad says

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As household members rally astir George Floyd's 4-year-old great-niece who was changeable successful her slumber aboriginal connected New Year's Day, attraction of the incidental shifts to Houston police, who person launched an interior probe into whether officers were held up successful their effect to a small girl's shooting.

Derrick Delane, the begetter of the young unfortunate Arianna Delane, told Eyewitness News connected Tuesday that they were forced to thrust the small miss to the infirmary themselves soon aft she was deed astatine their flat connected the city's southbound broadside astatine astir 3 a.m. past Saturday. He added that officers didn't get to the flat analyzable not excessively acold from Highway 288 and the South Loop until astir 7 a.m., 4 hours aft idiosyncratic had opened occurrence respective times into their unit.

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"Why would my location get changeable up?" Derrick Delane said Tuesday. "My girl don't know. I can't explicate that to her. As the father, you're expected to support the kids."

While Houston constabulary didn't instantly disclose however agelong officers took to get astatine the scene, Chief Troy Finner acknowledged interest implicit their effect time, prompting an Internal Affairs investigation.

"I americium alert and person concerns regarding the delayed effect clip successful this incidental and person initiated an Internal Affairs investigation. I inquire the metropolis proceed to commune for the child's afloat betterment and assistance successful providing accusation that would pb to the apprehension of the fishy oregon suspects responsible," Finner said successful a connection released Tuesday.

In the midst of the interior investigation, constabulary are inactive trying to find who opened occurrence connected small Arianna and her household and wherefore it happened.

On Eyewitness News Live astatine 5 and astatine 6 p.m., newsman Mycah Hatfield looks astatine wherever the probe wrong HPD stands, arsenic good arsenic anterior instances wherever effect clip has been successful question.

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