Fully vaccinated people protected against Delta variant, but Houston doctor urges caution

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In the authorities of Texas, the COVID-19 positivity complaint is present astatine 10%. Just a period ago, connected June 16, the positivity complaint was 2.85%.

In fact, the authorities hasn't seen a positivity complaint of 10% since precocious February. However, the positivity complaint is inactive little than it was successful January erstwhile rates were adjacent 21%.

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Hospitalizations statewide are besides seeing a important summation period implicit month. Fortunately, Texas hospitalizations are inactive down 79% erstwhile you comparison mid-July to January numbers. Doctors recognition the uptick successful cases to the highly transmissible Delta variant.

Due to the summation successful cases, bash you request to deterioration a disguise indoors if you're afloat vaccinated?

Dr. James McDeavitt, enforcement vice president and Dean of Clinical Affairs astatine Baylor College of Medicine, said if you are afloat vaccinated, you are protected from the terrible disease. Still, helium does urge radical debar indoor, crowded places.

"When you locomotion into an environment, pause, look astatine it, inquire yourself, 'Does this look safe? Am I going to beryllium spending prolonged periods of clip face-to-face, elbow-to-elbow, shoulder-to-shoulder with different people?' If you are, permission oregon enactment your disguise connected and effort to support your distance," said McDeavitt.
If I'm vaccinated, should I beryllium acrophobic astir getting COVID, fixed the highly transmissible Delta variant?

McDeavitt said each the information shows if you're vaccinated, you're highly improbable to get sick oregon extremity up astatine a hospital.

"The data's a small spot mixed successful however protected you are against coronavirus," helium said. "The Israeli information indicates you're astir apt 60% to 70% protected alternatively of the 92-93% that we utilized to cite. So, that whitethorn mean you are much apt to drawback the virus, vaccinated, but if you bash drawback it, you're improbable to get truly sick."

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Should you beryllium acrophobic astir breakthrough cases?

McDeavitt said we are seeing much breakthrough cases than before, but again, the vaccine volition support you against terrible disease(s).

He said if you are taking a two-dose vaccine, marque definite you person that 2nd dose. It's captious to guarantee extortion against the Delta variant.

"If you're vaccinated, I would not beryllium overly acrophobic astir it because, again, each the information indicates that you're improbable to get critically ill," McDeavitt said.

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Do I request a booster shot?

McDeavitt said that astatine this point, a booster changeable seems premature.

"We truly haven't demonstrated that that immunity has started to wane substantially yet truthful the immunity inactive is beauteous good," said McDeavitt. "The different constituent I'd marque is the Pfizer booster is the aforesaid vaccine you got the past time. It's nary different. It's not manufactured against the Delta variant."

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