Fort Hood investigates report of 100 missing night-vision goggles from Army post

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KILLEEN, Texas (KTRK) -- An probe is underway aft much than 100 night- imaginativeness goggles disappeared from a Fort Hood attraction installation astatine the subject station successful cardinal Texas.

The devices were reported missing past week from an physics communications facility, according to the Army Times.

"Fort Hood is investigating missing Monocular Night Vision Devices from a attraction installation astatine Fort Hood, Texas reported connected July 12," Maj. Marion Nederhoed, a III Corps spokesperson, told the Times. "Currently, the missing instrumentality has nary contiguous interaction connected portion readiness."

News of the missing goggles circulated connected Facebook for respective days, acknowledgment to a viral station from a fashionable societal media relationship called U.S. Army W.T.F! moments.

The connection read, "Yesterday ELM had 106x NVGs stolen from their secured retention facility."

ELM refers to the unidentified unit's electronics communications attraction facility.

The Army Times reported that the night-vision devices are typically considered delicate worldly by the subject and are usually stored successful a unit's arms country down a vault door.

It's unclear however overmuch the missing goggles are worth. Usually, the prices tin scope from respective 100 to respective 1000 dollars, depending connected the shaper and features.

If the goggles were successful information stolen, this wouldn't beryllium the archetypal time.

A erstwhile worker astatine North Carolina's Fort Bragg was charged successful 2019 with stealing much than $2 cardinal worthy of property, including 43 nighttime imaginativeness devices, implicit the people of a twelvemonth and a half, NPR reported.

Officials are asking anyone with applicable accusation connected the determination of the goggles. Tips tin beryllium called successful to the Fort Hood CID tips enactment astatine 254-287-2722.

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