Former HPD officer charged after crash that killed man days before Thanksgiving

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A erstwhile Houston constabulary serviceman has been charged aft being progressive successful a deadly clang connected his mode to a call.

Matthew Valdez is charged with criminally negligent homicide, but his lawyer said the different operator progressive is the 1 at-fault due to the fact that helium was intoxicated.

The clang happened successful precocious November astir 3:30 p.m.

Walter Cooper, 71, was astatine the intersection of Darien and Ley Road successful northeast Houston.

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"Walter Cooper was stopped astatine the halt motion astatine Darien Street approaching Ley Road and erstwhile helium looked to his left, helium saw that Matthew Valdez was astatine slightest a shot tract distant earlier helium entered into the intersection," said Lynn Nguyen, the Chief of Vehicular Crimes for the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Surveillance video from that time shows Cooper's achromatic car astatine the halt sign. Then, a constabulary car drives by. Moments later, a 2nd constabulary car passes, which was the 1 driven by Valdez, and crashes into Cooper's car.

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"We're profoundly saddened and precise disappointed successful the expansive jury's determination to indict this case," said Valdez's attorney, Brent Mayr. "This was a tragic accident, but determination was nary transgression committed here. Nothing serviceman Valdez did roseate to the level of transgression negligence."

Court records said Cooper's humor intoxicant was 3 times the ineligible limit.

"Every idiosyncratic successful this region knows the dangers of drunk drivers," said Mayr. "We cognize the Harris County District Attorney's Office prosecutes radical for intoxicated driving. He had nary concern being connected the roadworthy successful the archetypal place, and conscionable due to the fact that helium stopped astatine the halt motion doesn't mean helium wasn't at-fault."

However, prosecutors disagree.

They said Valdez was driving 90 miles an hr successful a 35 mile-per-hour portion and did not usage exigency lights oregon sirens.

"The surveillance video intelligibly shows that Walter Cooper was astatine a implicit halt for a implicit afloat 2 seconds, truthful helium really didn't bash thing that a sober idiosyncratic would besides not person done," said Nguyen.

Mayr said Valdez was suspended by HPD and aboriginal resigned. He past went to enactment for the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable's Office. He resigned from that presumption connected Tuesday. His lawyer said helium hopes to instrumentality to instrumentality enforcement 1 day.

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