Firefighters rescue woman trapped in burning SW Houston home

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Several radical escaped a location occurrence successful a southwest Houston vicinity aboriginal Wednesday morning, but 1 pistillate was not capable to get retired connected her own.

Firefighters responded to a location occurrence successful the 11200 artifact of Concho Street adjacent Leawood conscionable earlier 4 a.m.

Houston occurrence officials said the archetypal telephone for assistance came from a nonmigratory awoken by the dependable of an explosion.

"The archetypal idiosyncratic that called 911, they said they were awakened by an explosion. They heard a 2nd detonation and basically, they had to self-extricate, interruption retired a window," District Chief Steve Dunbar said. "All but 1 was capable to get out."

Investigators said determination were 8 radical successful the residence astatine the clip of the fire, and 7 of them were capable to escape.

Firefighters entered the burning residence to rescue a 35-to-40-year-old pistillate who was trapped toward the backmost of the home.

She was transported to the infirmary successful captious condition, HFD said.

Firefighters accidental the hunt was hard due to the fact that the location is partitioned disconnected into 9 abstracted rooms, similar apartments, with aggregate radical surviving there.

Fire officials are inactive investigating the origin of the fire.

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