Fire union boss gets back city of Houston job and back pay after 2020 firing, arbitrator rules

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- After 8 months without a paycheck, the president of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Union is getting his metropolis occupation backmost with backmost pay.

On Monday morning, an arbitrator ruled the metropolis was incorrect to occurrence Marty Lancton for disciplinary reasons successful January. He said helium has not received a metropolis paycheck since precocious 2020. He is paid a tiny stipend by the union.

Lancton is simply a Houston firefighter by rank, but is assigned to the national per a Memorandum of Understanding with the city.

The arbitrator ruled that erstwhile Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña decided to terminate that memorandum, helium did not springiness Lancton the due announcement and violated his owed process rights.

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Peña and the City of Houston argued that Lancton ne'er signed the memo and it was void. Lancton said helium had. The arbitrator sided with the national president.

The timing of the firing did rise immoderate eyebrows. It came successful the midst of a agelong conflict betwixt the national and the metropolis implicit a caller contract.

Firefighters person been without 1 since 2017. The existent day of Lancton's termination coincided with the opening time of the Texas Legislature's latest regular session, which the national president traditionally attends.

BREAKING UPDATE: Arbitrator rules Houston Fire Union Pres. Marty Lancton gets metropolis occupation backmost aft January firing. Arbitrator says metropolis violated owed process owes Lancton backmost pay. @abc13houston ORIGINAL REPORT:

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