Family's 7 dogs killed in Fort Bend Co. fire that destroyed 'all memories'

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A occurrence successful Fort Bend County claimed the lives of a family's 7 dogs and near 1 idiosyncratic with terrible pain injuries. Now, the household is mourning their beloved pets and a assemblage is stepping successful to help.

Almost thing is near of 2 trailer homes, an bureau and a store wherever gunsmith Craig Adkins lived with his granddaughter, her boyfriend, and 11 beloved dogs. Many of the dogs were abandoned and aboriginal adopted by Adkins. Sadly, 7 of the dogs did not past the fire.

Adkins is hospitalized and successful intensive attraction arsenic household members proceed to hunt the spot for thing that whitethorn beryllium salvageable.

"Everything is gone," said Adkins' stepson, Shane Parks. "All the memories, each the pictures that we had are beauteous overmuch gone."

The occurrence marshal told ABC13 the origin was apt electrical. There were nary moving fume detectors.

Adkins is near without his location oregon his business.

It's devastating for the household who lived determination oregon visited and thought of the spot arsenic home.

"Just to spot it similar this, it's truly unbearable," household subordinate Tederick Beirle told ABC13. "After I conscionable came to sojourn a mates weeks ago, it felt similar I was conscionable present and present it's each gone."

A batch of enactment inactive needs to beryllium done connected the seven-acre property. It's overwhelming, almost, arsenic the assemblage chips in. Still, a beingness worthy of belongings vanished successful an instant.

"We're hoping to cleanable this up and rebuild and retrieve the ones that we lost, and effort to rebuild from there," Parks said. "We mislaid 7 dogs successful the fire. Some of them were truly bully dogs. By the clip my stepdad got out, it was already a afloat blaze and helium couldn't travel in."

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