Extreme heat killing Christmas trees, Ore. farmer says they've lost half of their crop

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HILLSBORO, Oregon -- Many are celebrating Christmas successful July with friends and household aft COVID kept everyone isolated past twelvemonth and present the grounds summertime vigor could beryllium putting a damper connected this year's holiday.

In the pacific northwest, wherever galore of America's Christmas trees are grown, the punishing vigor is taking a toll connected adjacent season's crop.

"It's conscionable truly a atrocious clip to beryllium a Christmas histrion farmer, astir apt the worst twelvemonth we've had," Matt Furrow, who owns and operates Furrow Farms successful Hillsboro, Oregon, said.

Furrow and his wife, Dana, said they couldn't judge the harm from the caller heat.

"We knew determination would beryllium immoderate damage, particularly to the grands and nobles, but I didn't truly deliberation the norman firs would person apical harm similar that," Dana said.

Even trees that bash amended astatine little elevations are gone, the Furrows said they consciousness helpless.

"We're sitting present watching trees that we've been increasing for six-plus years. Every twelvemonth you trim, fertilize, you person labour costs into that and you're watching them each dice successful 1 day," Dana said.

Glenn Ahrens with Oregon State University Extension Service saidtrees that were exposed to the vigor apt suffered the astir arsenic opposed to trees sheltered by the wood canopy.

"Certainly for this past lawsuit for trees that were already adjacent to the edge, it volition propulsion them implicit and we'll spot trees dying arsenic a result," Ahrens said.

But the furrows are not giving up.

"We're not definite however acold it's dying backmost yet, you tin spot it looks a small burnt and dehydrated, truthful we're hoping determination are going to beryllium immoderate unrecorded buds here, truthful it tin turn retired and marque a caller limb. We anticipation we tin inactive prevention that tree," Matt Furrow said.

The Furrows accidental they person already mislaid astir fractional the Christmas trees they were readying to merchantability this vacation season, and they're not alone.

The drought and utmost vigor are apt to effect successful less trees to take from wide and higher prices this Christmas.

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