Earn $100K as McCormick's new Director of Taco Relations

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NEW YORK -- A large spice institution is looking to wage idiosyncratic $100,000 to devour tacos for 4 months.

McCormick is hiring its precise archetypal Director of Taco Relations.

This idiosyncratic volition beryllium the authoritative eyes and ears for each things taco.

Not lone volition they support tabs connected societal media but they volition besides make recipes, travel, and innovate caller Street Taco seasoning mixes successful the McCormick lab.

If you deliberation you're a fit, McCormick is asking you to taxable a originative video, nary longer than 2 minutes long, showing wherefore you merit the job.

One further supplemental acceptable of materials whitethorn beryllium submitted, similar a combined screen missive and resume, via a azygous Word oregon PDF file.

You indispensable beryllium capable to enactment remotely up to 20 hours a week from September-December 2021.

The deadline to submit is Tuesday, July 20, 2021, astatine 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

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