E. Houston resident describes shooting with car thieves

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A nonmigratory eastbound of downtown Houston exchanged gunfire overnight with a radical of would-be car thieves.

It happened successful the country of Nagle and Capitol Street and progressive astatine slightest 3 men, the nonmigratory said.

The trio had breached into a car successful the vicinity erstwhile the nonmigratory said helium got into his motortruck and confronted them.

"I commencement honking to archer him I cognize they're breaking into that car," the resident, who did not privation to beryllium identified, told ABC13. "At that point, they crook backmost and I did the aforesaid happening to airy up the street. About half-way down the street, they propulsion retired guns and commencement shooting."

Another nonmigratory successful the country besides saw what was happening and had called constabulary earlier the gunfire started, the nonmigratory said.

The nonmigratory said helium pulled retired his ain weapon and started shooting back.

"They chased maine each the mode down the thoroughfare to the walking trail," helium said. "I can't judge each 3 of these kids had guns."

No 1 was deed by the gunfire, though astatine slightest 1 conveyance was damaged by bullets.

There was nary connection connected a statement of the suspects progressive oregon if immoderate arrests had been made.

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