Don't rely too much on that 'miles-to-empty' warning for gas, AAA says

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TEXAS (KTRK) -- We've each been there.

You're driving to enactment and suddenly, you recognize you person 15 miles near until you tally retired of gas, according to your car.

But however close is that "miles-to-empty" warning? Well, probe shows you shouldn't trust connected it excessively much.

According to AAA Texas, researchers tested the accuracy of these systems and recovered the estimates alteration implicit shorter trips oregon are babelike connected the consistency of things that impact state mileage, similar velocity and acceleration.

This means drivers could beryllium taking an unnecessary hazard if they implicit trust connected these displays.

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According to a caller AAA survey, 74% of drivers accidental they usage their "miles-to-empty" show to determine erstwhile to capable up.

"People privation to get the astir retired of a vessel of gas, particularly erstwhile prices are higher," said Megan McKernan, the manager of AAA's Automotive Research Center. "Collectively, the systems we tested were comparatively accurate, but a person introspection of antithetic driving scenarios revealed important variability based connected changes successful speed, acceleration and distance."

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On average, the show strategy of the vehicles tested showed a comparatively debased mistake of 2.3% compared to the state measured by the dynamometer.

However, idiosyncratic conveyance mistake varied greatly, ranging from -6.4% to 2.8%.

That means 1 trial conveyance overestimated substance system by 6.4% portion different underestimated it by 2.8%.

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These results suggest that each conveyance reacted to changes successful driving differently, and that the accuracy tin beryllium impacted by driving benignant and conditions.

"We ran our trial vehicles done antithetic driving situations ranging from cruising astatine road speeds to being stuck successful postulation to emblematic metropolis driving," said McKernan. "Despite the irregularities our investigating found, a vehicle's substance system show is an important instrumentality to recognize however antithetic driving styles interaction however efficiently a conveyance uses fuel."

AAA says drivers should reset their vehicle's travel information aft filling up, and past ticker however their substance system show changes arsenic driving conditions change.

To debar moving retired of gas, AAA Texas recommends drivers ticker their state gauge and capable up erstwhile it reaches a 4th of a tank.

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