Do vaccinated people need to mask up? Houston health experts weigh in amid COVID surge

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Texas Medical Center healthcare leaders are present calling the summation successful COVID-19 cases a 4th wave. On Tuesday, the TMC's president and CEO said that hospitalizations went up to 90% successful conscionable a substance of weeks.

The much contagious Delta variant brought astir caller questions concerning masking.

If you're unvaccinated, the CDC says you perfectly request to deterioration a disguise indoors. While the CDC has said you don't request to disguise indoors if you're vaccinated, immoderate section experts accidental you mightiness privation to.

At a media briefing, Dr. Peter Hotez with Baylor College of Medicine discussed immoderate aboriginal probe connected the Delta variant. It shows the Delta variant sheds much viruses than different strains. If this, successful fact, turns retired to beryllium the case, it could explicate wherefore we're seeing the microorganism dispersed much and wherefore we're seeing breakthrough cases.

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He said the CDC guidance connected masking is much based connected the archetypal strain of the virus.

"All of the guidance that the Centers for Disease Control has enactment retired astir vaccinated radical not needing masks were much oregon little based connected the archetypal linage, oregon the U.K. variant, the B.1.1.7, which made a batch of sense, and I agreed with their recommendations," said Hotez. "But now, if it's existent that Delta is being shed successful truthful overmuch much abundance by some unvaccinated, and adjacent vaccinated individuals, we whitethorn person to deliberation astir revisiting that, and that means that vaccinated individuals whitethorn privation to deliberation astir wearing masks indoors, successful areas of precocious transmission."

Dr. Paul Klotman, the president and CEO of Baylor College of Medicine, said we'll person to show things. However, helium did accidental we whitethorn person to instrumentality a measurement back.

"I bash deliberation close now, erstwhile you locomotion into a spot wherever there's a batch of radical and you can't archer who's vaccinated, I'd deterioration a mask. I inactive deterioration a disguise erstwhile I locomotion into a market store," said Klotman.

As for children, the American Academy of Pediatrics is present recommending each children implicit 2 to deterioration masks, whether they're vaccinated oregon not.

The enactment said opening schools mostly does not importantly summation assemblage transmission erstwhile masking and different information measures are successful place.

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"There's thing antithetic contiguous than determination was past year, erstwhile the schoolhouse twelvemonth was getting started, astir their hazard for contracting COVID due to the fact that of the wide fig of radical successful America, and the fig of radical successful Houston, who person not been vaccinated," said Dr. James McCarthy, the enforcement vice president and main physicians enforcement astatine Memorial Hermann. "So erstwhile efficaciously fractional of the colonisation has yet to beryllium vaccinated, these children are inactive astatine risk. They're inactive astatine hazard for spreading it to teachers [and] bringing it location to their parents."

Gov. Greg Abbott signed an enforcement bid saying authorities entities, including schools, cannot necessitate masking. HISD said that portion it's not requiring students to deterioration masks, they are allowed.

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