Devastating flooding in Germany and Belgium leaves at least 110 dead

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BERLIN -- At slightest 110 radical person died successful devastating floods crossed parts of occidental Germany and Belgium, officials said Friday, arsenic hunt and rescue operations continued for hundreds much inactive unaccounted for oregon successful danger.

Authorities successful the German authorities of Rhineland-Palatinate said 60 radical had died there, including 12 residents of an assisted surviving installation for radical with disabilities successful the municipality of Sinzig who were amazed by a abrupt unreserved of h2o from the adjacent stream Ahr. In neighboring North Rhine-Westphalia authorities officials enactment the decease toll astatine 43, but warned that the fig could increase.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said helium was "stunned" by the devastation caused by the flooding and pledged enactment to the families of those killed and to cities and towns facing important damage.

"In the hr of need, our state stands together," Steinmeier said successful a connection Friday afternoon. "It's important that we amusement solidarity for those from whom the flood has taken everything."

Rescuers rushed Friday to assistance radical trapped successful their homes successful the municipality of Erftstadt, southwest of Cologne. Regional authorities said respective radical had died aft their houses collapsed erstwhile the crushed beneath them sank suddenly. Aerial photos showed what appeared to beryllium a monolithic sinkhole.

"We managed to get 50 radical retired of their houses past night," region head Frank Rock said. "We cognize of 15 radical who inactive request to beryllium rescued."

Speaking to German broadcaster n-tv, Rock said that authorities had nary precise fig yet for however galore had died.

"One has to presume that nether the circumstances immoderate radical didn't negociate to escape," helium said.

Authorities said precocious Thursday that astir 1,300 radical successful Germany were listed arsenic missing, but they cautioned that the precocious fig could beryllium owed to duplicated reports and difficulties reaching radical due to the fact that of disrupted roads and telephone service.

In a provisional tally, the decease toll successful Belgium roseate to 12 and 5 radical were missing, section authorities and media reported aboriginal Friday. Most of the drowning victims were recovered astir Liege, wherever the rainfall deed hardest.

Flash floods this week followed days of dense rainfall which turned streams and streets into raging torrents that swept distant cars and caused houses to illness crossed the region.

Thousands of radical remained stateless successful Germany aft their houses were destroyed oregon deemed at-risk by authorities, including respective villages astir the Steinbach reservoir that experts accidental could illness nether the value of the floods.

The politician of Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia state, Armin Laschet, called an exigency Cabinet gathering Friday. The 60-year-old's handling of the flood catastrophe is wide seen arsenic a trial for his ambitions to win German Chancellor Angela Merkel aft the country's nationalist predetermination connected Sept. 26.

Malu Dreyer, the politician of Rhineland-Palatinate state, said the catastrophe showed the request to velocity up efforts to curb planetary warming. She accused Laschet and Merkel's center-right Union bloc of hindering efforts to execute greater greenhouse state reductions successful Germany, Europe's biggest system and a large emitter of planet-warming gases.

"Climate accidental isn't abstract anymore. We are experiencing it up adjacent and painfully," she told the Funke media group.

Steinmeier called for greater efforts to combat planetary warming.

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"Only if we decisively instrumentality up the combat against clime alteration volition we beryllium capable to bounds the utmost upwind conditions we are present experiencing," helium said.

Experts accidental specified disasters could go much communal owed to clime change.

"Some parts of Western Europe...received up to 2 months of rainfall successful the abstraction of 2 days. What made it worse is that the soils were already saturated by erstwhile rainfall," World Meteorological Organization spokesperson Clare Nullis said.

While she said it was excessively soon to blasted the floods and preceding vigor question connected rising planetary temperatures, Nullis added: "Climate alteration is already expanding the frequence of utmost events. And galore azygous events person been shown to beryllium made worse by planetary warming."

Defense Ministry spokesperson Arne Collatz said the German subject had deployed implicit 850 troops arsenic of Friday morning, but the fig is "rising importantly due to the fact that the request is growing." He said the ministry had triggered a "military catastrophe alarm," a method determination that fundamentally decentralizes decisions connected utilizing instrumentality to commanders connected the ground.

Italy sent a squad of civilian extortion officials and firefighters, arsenic good arsenic rescue dinghies, to Belgium to assistance successful the hunt for missing radical from the devastating floods.

The firefighters tweeted a photograph of 1 squad moving successful Tillf, southbound of Liege, to assistance evacuate residents of a location who were trapped by the rising waters.

In the confederate Dutch state of Limburg, which besides has been deed hard by flooding, troops piled sandbags to fortify a 0.7 mile agelong of dike on the Maas stream and constabulary helped evacuate immoderate low-lying neighborhoods.

Caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Thursday nighttime that the authorities was officially declaring flood-hit regions a catastrophe area, meaning businesses and residents are eligible for compensation for damage.

Dutch King Willem-Alexander visited the portion Thursday nighttime and called the scenes "heart-breaking."

Meanwhile, sustained rainfall successful Switzerland has caused respective rivers and lakes to interruption their banks. Public broadcaster SRF reported that a flash flood swept distant cars, flooded basements and destroyed tiny bridges successful the bluish villages of Schleitheim und Beggingen precocious Thursday.

Erik Schulz, the politician of the hard-hit German metropolis of Hagen, astir 31 miles northeast of Cologne, said determination had been a question of solidarity from different regions and mean citizens to assistance those affected by the devastating floods.

"We person many, galore citizens saying 'I tin connection a spot to stay, wherever tin I spell to help, wherever tin I registered, wherever tin I bring my shovel and bucket?'," helium told n-tv. "The metropolis is lasting unneurotic and you tin consciousness that."

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