Dad holds intruder at gunpoint after catching him looking into daughter's window

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Galleria-area homeowner says helium woke up successful the mediate of the nighttime to find a alien successful his backyard, but believes constabulary took mode excessively agelong to get there.

Ike Umar said helium called 911 for assistance respective times, but helium claims it took a portion for officers to amusement up.

As helium was waiting for help, Umar said helium was terrified that thing would hap to his woman oregon their 6-month-old daughter.

Now, he's much upset with the Houston Police Department than the intruder.

"My woman woke maine up, and she said, 'Hey, I deliberation somebody's successful the backyard.' So, I moved the curtain, and I spot a look of a feline who's trying to look inside. My daughter's furniture is close there," said Umar.

His location surveillance strategy caught a shirtless, tattooed intruder sneaking into his backmost gross astir 3 a.m. connected Tuesday.

"I said, 'Hey, who are you? What are you doing?' That's erstwhile I did my weapon thing, similar I loaded my gun. He heard that and conscionable went up ... his hands."

Umar said the antheral didn't person a limb and told him helium was trying to find a spot to fell from pack members who wanted to wounded him.

"When helium said gang, six men and guns, I'm not reasoning astir my protection. I'm like, however tin I support these guys distant agelong capable from my location truthful my girl and my woman don't get hurt?" said Umar.

Those thoughts went done Umar's caput until Houston constabulary officers yet arrived.

"So, you're waiting 5 minutes, past 10 minutes, past 15 minutes, past 20, and you're wondering, 'What the hellhole is going on?'" said Umar.

ABC13 is moving to get an mentation from HPD, but Umar said they told him that they had a engaged night.

"I don't attraction what they say. There's nary excuse," helium said. "If somebody's location is breached successful and I'm holding idiosyncratic astatine weapon point, I person to hold 47 minutes for help? I honestly mislaid full religion successful HPD today.'"

Officers yet took the intruder into custody and nary 1 was hurt. The incidental remains nether investigation.

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