Coco Gauff tests positive for COVID, won't compete in Tokyo Olympics

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TOKYO -- U.S. tennis prima Coco Gauff volition not vie astatine the Tokyo Olympics aft announcing she has tested affirmative for COVID.

The 17-year-old phenom took to Twitter connected Sunday to stock her disappointment implicit quality that she tested affirmative for the virus.

"I americium truthful disappointed to stock the quality that I person tested affirmative for COVID and won't beryllium capable to play successful the Olympic Games successful Tokyo. It has ever been a imagination of excavation to correspond the USA astatine the Olympics, and I anticipation determination volition beryllium much chances for maine to marque this travel existent successful the future. I privation to privation TEAM USA champion of luck and a harmless games for ever Olympian and the full Olympic family."

This comes aft two South African shot players became the archetypal athletes wrong the Olympic Village to trial affirmative for COVID-19, with the Tokyo Games opening connected Friday.

Organizers confirmed the affirmative tests connected Sunday but didn't place the athletes different than to accidental they were non-Japanese. The South African Football Association aboriginal confirmed determination were 3 COVID-19 cases successful its delegation - 2 players and a video analyst.

Gauff present becomes the 3rd Olympic jock to trial affirmative for the microorganism truthful far.

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