Chuck Schumer Sets The Stage For Filibuster Reform With Freedom To Vote Act Vote

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Majority Leader Schumer made it wide successful remarks connected the Senate level that the cloture ballot connected the Freedom To Vote Act is simply a measurement toward filibuster reform.

Schumer Takes The Next Step In His Campaign For Voting Rights Filibuster Reform.

Video of Schumer:

Majority Leader Schumer said successful part:

 And I privation to particularly convey Senator Manchin for his hard enactment implicit the past fewer weeks. He’s reached crossed the aisle to effort and find a mode for the Senate to bash its enactment successful a bipartisan fashion. I convey him for his committedness to uncovering bipartisanship connected a taxable that, by each accounts, should beryllium bipartisan to its halfway and has been for overmuch of our history.

 Now, today’s ballot is simply a cloture ballot connected a question to proceed. It presents Senators with a elemental question: should the Senate adjacent debate—debate— voting rights? That’s what this is about: simply a debate, and an important 1 to beryllium sure. No Republican is being asked to motion their names to this oregon that argumentation today. But they are being asked to travel to the array and person a treatment and let amendments.

I privation to beryllium clear: if Republicans articulation america successful proceeding to this bill, I americium prepared to clasp a full-fledged statement worthy of the US Senate. The number volition person the accidental to person their voices heard. This Senate has already voted connected much amendments than successful immoderate twelvemonth nether erstwhile President Trump – and connected this legislation, again, Republican Senators would beryllium capable to connection amendments. But for that to happen, we person to get connected the measure today.

 What we can’t judge is simply a concern wherever 1 broadside is calling for bipartisan statement and bipartisan practice portion the different refuses to adjacent prosecute successful a dialogue. If our Republican colleagues don’t similar our ideas they person a work to contiguous their own.

 It’s ludicrous for immoderate Republican to asseverate that the national authorities has nary relation to play successful safeguarding elections erstwhile authorities laws disenfranchise American citizens. I invitation them to work the Constitution of the United States of America, which precisely empowers Congress to modulate the “times, places, and manners” of holding elections. I invitation them to look astatine modern American history, erstwhile the Senate stepped into the breach galore times erstwhile Jim Crow states sought to restrict the close to vote.

There is simply a agelong and hallowed contented of the Senate, often successful a bipartisan coalition, moving to support entree to the franchise. And today, our colleagues should ballot to statesman statement for however we tin adhd to that legacy.

 But what Republicans should not do, what they indispensable not do, is squelch immoderate chance, immoderate chance, for the Senate to statement thing arsenic critical, arsenic sacrosanct, arsenic American, arsenic the close to vote. The timepiece is ticking connected our accidental to instrumentality meaningful action.

Schumer Is Setting The Stage For Filibuster Reform

Democrats present person a measure that each subordinate of the Senate caucus supports. Majority Leader Schumer gave Sen. Manchin weeks to get bipartisan enactment for the legislation.

This is each starring up to showing Manchin and Sinema that determination is nary different way. They request to enactment a filibuster carve retired for voting rights.

Schumer is mounting the signifier for the marque oregon interruption move, and the champion happening that Republicans could bash for those who privation filibuster betterment is to artifact statement connected the Freedom To Vote Act.

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