Chase out of Webster prompts closure on Houston's South Loop

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A operator is successful custody aft starring authorities connected a pursuit retired of Clear Lake, which ended up causing postulation woes Tuesday day connected Houston's southbound side.

The incidental began astatine a Costco astatine 1310 Jasmine Avenue successful Webster, wherever constabulary were responding to a telephone of a suspicious vehicle. That is erstwhile a pursuit ensued.

As the operator led officers connected a pursuit up the Gulf Freeway, Webster PD called Harris County Precinct 8 for help. As they tried to halt the driver, authorities utilized spikes to stroke retired the suspect's tires connected the Gulf Freeway. But that wasn't the end. The pursuit continued, albeit astatine dilatory speeds, up to the South Loop astatine MLK Boulevard

Once connected the South Loop, HPD's SWAT squad was called retired due to the fact that the operator wouldn't get retired of the SUV. The pursuit ramped up again connected the South Loop, and past ended astatine Cullen, wherever a Houston constabulary serviceman utilized a PIT maneuver to halt the suspect's vehicle.

The fishy was taken into custody. No different accusation was instantly disposable astir the driver, oregon astir immoderate imaginable charges.

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