Cesar Millan talks about new Nat Geo show 'Better Human Better Dog'

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NEW YORK -- During a clip erstwhile favored adoptions are astatine an all-time high, Cesar Millan is backmost with a caller amusement connected National Geographic called "Better Human Better Dog."

As radical adopted pets during the pandemic, they're present uncovering that they request to bid them.

In the caller series, Millan opens the gates to his famed Dog Psychology Center, his California ranch retreat for dogs.

"43 acres of magic," helium said. "So, I person my ain country wherever I tin assistance radical instantly signifier each of the activities, stretch, walk, run, rest, and sleep. They bash enactment astatine the ranch due to the fact that I privation to marque definite that arsenic they aftermath up, they larn astir the formulas, the rituals, and the symbols. Now I person a spot wherever radical tin enactment implicit and I tin submerge them successful my doctrine with my assemblage and with my animals."

Here helium transforms canines, and families, 1 lawsuit astatine a time, moving to marque the satellite a amended place.

With updated philosophies, caller techniques and household support, Millan tackles immoderate of the astir demanding cases of his career.

"There are lone 3 broadside effects a canine tin develop, aggression, fear, oregon ignoring you," Millan said.

For instance, Millan spoke astir Goliath, pit bull that was truthful protective and assertive helium blocked paramedics from entering the location erstwhile his proprietor collapsed.

"We turned that canine into a canine that tin present beryllium capable to assistance his quality into a work dog," helium said.

Mostly, Millan hopes that radical volition larn techniques by watching his amusement to assistance marque humans and the dogs they emotion much compatible with each other.

"Learning however to connect, learning however to communicate, and however to execute the narration we are each looking for which is trust, respect, and love," Millan said. "Imagine a satellite afloat of trust, respect, and emotion it would beryllium conscionable ace positive, it would beryllium a amended planet, that's wherefore I'm saying, 'Better Human Better Dog.'"

Don't miss the premiere of "Better Human Better Dog" with back-to-back episodes Friday, July 30th astatine 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET connected National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD. Episodes are besides disposable connected Disney+ each Wednesday.

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