California movie theater shooting during showing of 'Purge' sequel leaves 1 dead, 1 wounded

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CORONA, Calif. -- One idiosyncratic is dormant and different hospitalized pursuing a treble shooting astatine a Corona, California movie theater.

The shooting happened conscionable earlier midnight astatine the Regal Edwards Corona Crossings during a showing of "The Forever Purge."

"Officers arrived connected scene, they located 2 radical down suffering from gunshot wounds wrong the theater," said Officer Tobias Kouroubacalis of the Corona Police Department.

The victims are some teenagers, constabulary said. An 18-year-old pistillate was killed, portion a 19-year-old antheral remains hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

But precisely what happened wrong the theatre is inactive a enigma due to the fact that it's not believed that galore radical were wrong erstwhile it each went down.

"I'm being told close present determination were six tickets purchased for that movie showing," said Kouroubacalis.

Was the shooting random? Was it a home dispute? Considering however large the movie is astatine times, were determination adjacent immoderate witnesses? Police accidental they don't know, though they did corroborate that nary limb was recovered astatine the scene.

"We're asking for anyone who mightiness person been wrong that movie, oregon a theatre adjacent to that, for immoderate accusation astatine all, whether they saw thing oregon heard something, oregon anybody retired successful the parking batch successful that clip framework who whitethorn person seen thing oregon heard something, delight telephone us," Kouroubacalis said.

Investigators were astatine the country for implicit 12 hours, asking radical to debar the area. There's nary connection connected a motive oregon immoderate suspects. The movie theatre remains closed.

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