Burger King marquee goes viral with 'We all quit' message

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LINCOLN, Nebraska -- A photograph has gone viral connected societal media of a Burger King motion successful Lincoln, Nebraska.

The motion extracurricular of the edifice work "WE ALL QUIT," and "SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE." The letters were taken down connected Saturday.

Two erstwhile employees told KLKN-TV that absorption is the crushed wherefore radical quit.

"They wanted to enactment up a motion to say, you know, 'Sorry there's truly not going to beryllium anyone here,'" erstwhile wide manager Rachael Flores said. "Just benignant of a laughter to precocious management. That got enactment up earlier we opened, and I didn't deliberation anybody was going to announcement it, due to the fact that we did conscionable 1 sign. And past it went beauteous brainsick connected Facebook. I got a telephone from my precocious absorption and they told maine I needed to instrumentality it down."

Flores had enactment successful her two-week notice, and past 8 of her coworkers followed. She served arsenic a wide manager since January.

"They person gone done truthful galore territory managers since I've been GM," she said. "No 1 has travel to the store to assistance maine out. They're truthful successful and out."

Flores said the Burger King had employees moving successful the room with nary aerial conditioning for weeks. At 1 point, the room surpassed 90 degrees. Flores ended up successful the infirmary for dehydration. She said her brag reacted, saying she was being a "baby."

"I conscionable stayed to assistance Rachael out," erstwhile worker Kylee Johnson said. "She's my champion friend. She's been with maine done a lot. I conscionable privation to assistance her arsenic overmuch arsenic I can. I knew what was going connected staffing wise. We were conscionable waiting for much radical to travel past and we got nobody."

The 2 said the room was understaffed and would often person 3 to 4 radical moving during luncheon time. Flores said she worked 50 to 60 hours a week. Flores and Johnson said it wasn't harmless to person that tiny of a staff.

The erstwhile employees said precocious absorption was unaware the workers were going to enactment the motion up. Staff had been joking astir putting the connection the time before, and past followed done the adjacent day.

Flores' brag told her to manus successful her keys and that she was fired.

The determination is inactive open, but Flores and Johnson said it is inactive understaffed and caller employees are leaving days aft conscionable starting shifts. They judge different locations whitethorn person akin experiences.

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