Big 12 officials aiming to crack down on taunting in 2021, including 'Horns Down' gesture

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ARLINGTON, Texas -- Big 12 coordinator of officials Greg Burks said astatine Big 12 media days connected Thursday that cracking down connected taunting volition beryllium a constituent of accent for the league this year.

Midway done taking questions from reporters, Burks was asked astir the "gift that keeps connected giving" for Big 12 officials: the Horns Down symbol, a taunt directed astatine Texas that has been an on-and-off conflict arsenic a judgement telephone for officials.

"Lemme enactment it this way," Burks said. "If you bash a Horns Down to a Texas subordinate arsenic an opponent, that's astir apt going to beryllium a foul."

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Burks said if a subordinate turned to the assemblage to propulsion the sign, it "probably" would not beryllium a penalty.

"Please each of you note, I said 'probably,'" Burks added. "We person to see intent and see the situation. We'll permission it to officials."

Two years ago, Burks fielded akin questions.

"I cognize radical privation america to beryllium definitive connected that, but it's similar immoderate touchdown celebration," helium said successful 2019. "Is it directed astatine an hostile oregon conscionable solemnisation with your teammates?"

But this year, the league singled retired taunting arsenic 1 of its biggest priorities for officials.

"I committedness you, we sermon this each year, due to the fact that you sermon this each year," Burks said. "I anticipation successful the aboriginal that idiosyncratic else's symbols volition travel into play and not conscionable the Horns."

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