Beto O'Rourke rallies supporters with gubernatorial campaign stop in Fort Bend Co.

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In the mediate of a assemblage that his run estimated astatine much than 600, Democrat Beto O'Rourke deed connected acquainted themes during his stump code astatine the Fort Bend County fairgrounds.

O'Rourke talked astir Texas' electrical grid, voting rights, weapon laws, and challenged the state's existent leadership. Afterward, ABC13 asked him what singular contented astir interests those who be his rallies.

"Overwhelmingly," helium said, "people are talking astir jobs and talking astir the benignant of jobs we privation to spot here. The benignant that really pay."

But the occupation O'Rourke himself seeks won't beryllium casual to earn. Incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott has a ample run thorax and governs a coagulated Republican bulk successful some the Texas House and Senate.

"It looks arsenic though successful the existent landscape, Democrats, Texas Democrats person a existent challenge," said Prairie View A&M adjunct prof Eddy Carder. "It's going to beryllium an uphill conflict with respect to them making immoderate important reversals successful the Republican enactment successful the adjacent cycle."

While O'Rourke's way is wide done the superior and into the wide election, Gov. Abbott does look challenges from wrong his ain party. Notably, they travel from erstwhile Texas GOP Chair Allen West and erstwhile State Senator Don Huffines, some of whom overgarment Abbott arsenic not blimpish enough.

"In bid to get retired of the superior you person to cater to the near successful the Democrat superior and to the close connected the Republican primary," said GOP strategist Court Koenning. "And truthful he's having to bash that due to the fact that helium has a situation but erstwhile the superior predetermination is implicit helium volition apt mean a bit. "

There are factors that could drastically alteration the dynamics. Another grid nonaccomplishment oregon a worsening pandemic could wounded Abbott. Voting rights and termination could motivate immoderate to the polls. O'Rourke doesn't look to deliberation it would instrumentality immoderate of that if helium talks astir what helium thinks each Texans attraction astir most.

"When we support the absorption connected jobs, connected large schools, and connected making definite that everyone tin spot a doctor," O'Rourke said. "Then we springiness everyone a crushed to enactment successful the predetermination and to determine the outcome."

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