Ben Taub hospital technician being called a 'hero' after deputy shot

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A technician astatine Ben Taub infirmary is being hailed arsenic a leader connected Thursday, 1 time aft a jailhouse inmate allegedly changeable a Harris County Sheriff's Office lawman who was escorting him to a regular infirmary visit.

"I could not ideate however brave she was," said caregiver manager Gina Shanker, who supervises the technician and besides witnessed the incident. "The happening that came into her caput was, 'I request to help. I request to assistance the officer.'"

On Wednesday, arsenic the workday was winding down connected the 5th level clinic, Shanker said she began proceeding noises coming from the men's bath adjacent her office.

"Pretty overmuch steps from my bureau erstwhile we heard the commotion, and aboriginal on, gunshots," she recalled.

A conflict was going connected successful the restroom betwixt the lawman and inmate Thaddeus Lewis. Investigators said Lewis, who was determination connected an outpatient doctor's visit, was capable to get a clasp of the deputy's gun.
He allegedly fired disconnected a shot, which deed the deputy's near hand.

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That's erstwhile the technician jumped in.

"She was connected her mode location towards the extremity of the clinic," said Shanker. "That's erstwhile she heard idiosyncratic asking for help, yelling for help, successful the men's restroom."

Shanker said her technician wants to stay anonymous.

"It was scary and I kept connected telling her, 'Come out! Come retired of the restroom!' and she was inactive trying to speech to the inmate," she said.

The lawman is recovering astatine home. Lewis is present facing an further complaint of aggravated battle of a nationalist servant. The anonymous technician is taking a fewer days disconnected work.

"It conscionable shows we're ever facing danger," said Eric Batton, the archetypal vice president of the Harris County Deputies Organization. "No substance what the concern is, whether it's escorting someone, oregon making a postulation halt oregon a home unit call."

Shanker said her unit members are blessed to beryllium backmost connected the occupation to assistance service each Harris County residents.

"I've been present for 33 years and this is the archetypal clip I've had this benignant of situation," said Shanker.

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