Artist transforms SE Houston McDonald's into Hispanic Heritage Month tribute

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The adjacent clip you propulsion up to the McDonalds astatine 6000 Gulf Freeway, you'll spot the beauteous shapes and colors painted connected the broadside of the building.

It's section creator "Gonzo247's" latest enactment titled "Arte Sin Barreras."

It celebrates Houston's Hispanic civilization and Hispanic Heritage Month. Gonzo's household emigrated to Texas from Mexico, truthful for him, his mural his personal.

"You bash it for the emotion of your family, the hopes of having a amended beingness oregon creating thing new," Gonzo said.

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The McDonald's determination is 1 of 3 crossed the state to beryllium portion of the "Ritmo y Color" task that celebrates the month.

Franchise proprietor Mariselle Quijano was thrilled erstwhile she learned her store was chosen to big the exhibit.

"In my office, I person a brace of pom poms, and I was similar 'yay!'" Quijano said.

She said she instantly thought of Gonzo erstwhile it came to who would make the tribute. When she saw the finished product, Quijano said she couldn't person been much happy.

"The colors, the vibrancy, the flower, the flow, it's conscionable stunning and I emotion it," she said.

Quijano said she plans connected keeping it up arsenic agelong arsenic possible.

There's besides a virtual performance to spell on with the work. That is scheduled to hap connected October 17. You tin larn much astir the creation and municipality euphony acquisition on the Ritmo y Color website.

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