Arrest made months after popular teacher died in shootout while trying to rob Mexican drug cartel

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Authorities person arrested and charged a antheral wanted for months successful a shootout that near a popular North Carolina teacher and different antheral dead.

The U.S. Marshal Service arrested Gar-yon-ded-weh Stepney successful Greensboro connected Monday and transported him to the Alamance County Detention Center, the sheriff's bureau said. Stepney, 41, is being charged with first-degree execution for shooting some Barney Dale Harris, 40, and Alonso Beltran Lara, 18, connected April 8, quality outlets report.

Harris, who taught Spanish and was the caput hoops and way manager astatine Union Academy Charter School successful Monroe, was recovered dormant successful an Alamance County mobile home.

Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson said that officers recovered Harris wearing a look cover, gloves and a bulletproof vest. Lara was believed to beryllium a cause runner for a Mexican cause cartel and the trailer was believed to beryllium the stash house.

The sheriff said that Harris and his brother-in-law, Steven Alexander Stewart, had entered the mobile location to rob a cartel member. At immoderate point, determination was a shootout starring to the deaths of Harris and Lara.

Stewart, who is joined to Harris' sister, was arrested and has since been charged with equipped robbery and first-degree murder.

Authorities besides said they recovered 1.2 kilos of cocaine, astir 2.6 pounds, and astir $7,000 successful cash.

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