Arrest made in connection with Spring mom's shooting death in Maryland

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ANNAPOLIS, Maryland (KTRK) -- Authorities successful Maryland said Wednesday that an apprehension has been made successful the lawsuit of a Houston-area parent who was changeable to decease past period aft dropping disconnected her lad astatine the United States Naval Academy.

The video supra is from erstwhile reporting.

Michelle Cummings was sitting successful the patio country of an Annapolis edifice connected June 29 erstwhile idiosyncratic fired shots nearby, striking her twice. Authorities said astatine the clip that Cummings was an guiltless bystander and was not the people of the gunmen. Investigators said the shots "traveled a distance" erstwhile they deed Cummings.

Annapolis constabulary Chief Edward Jackson, agents from the FBI and ATF and Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley are scheduled to springiness details connected the apprehension successful a 12 p.m. property conference.

Less than 48 hours aft she was changeable to death, Michelle's son, Leonard "Trey" Cummings III, took the oath of bureau astatine the Naval Academy and decided to transportation connected with his induction process contempt the tragedy.

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"She was a large person. I don't adjacent cognize if the connection 'great' tin explicate it," Danica Outing, Cummings' adjacent friend, told ABC13 earlier this month. "If there's a connection amended than 'great,' that would beryllium her."

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Annapolis authorities offered a reward for accusation starring to the killer's arrest. Naval Academy alumni and assemblage members successful Maryland and backmost location successful Spring person raised thousands of dollars to spell toward the reward.

A GoFundMe relationship has besides been created to assistance the Cummings family.

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