America's Anthem Girl on new breakout role as young Selena in Selena: The Series!

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LOS ANGELES -- Musical prodigy and multi-talented young actress, Madison Taylor Baez is acceptable to instrumentality audiences and Hollywood by storm!

Just nether 10 years aged and already a breakout star, Baez volition beryllium making her bid regular tv debut arsenic "Young Selena," alongside Christian Serratos successful the upcoming original, "Selena: The Series" slated for autumn 2020.

The coming of property communicative volition travel precocious Tejano singer, Selena Quintanilla's travel arsenic her dreams travel true, and the galore life-changing choices connected the singer's travel to success. Ricardo Chavira ("Desperate Housewives"), Gabriel Chavarria (THE PURGE), Noemi Gonzalez ("The Young and the Restless"), and Seidy Lopez (TRAINING DAY) volition beryllium starring arsenic the remainder of the Quintanilla family.

"I really learned however to sing successful Spanish for the relation and I've ne'er sung successful Spanish before," Baez told On The Red Carpet's Karl Schmid. "It turned retired to beryllium thing that I truly loved and enjoyed for the role."

Madison has besides performed for the likes of Dodgers, Rams, Lakers, Kings, and Galaxy fans crossed Los Angeles earning her the sanction "Anthem Girl". She is besides an accomplished histrion and wide entertainer.

Madison has besides appeared connected shows similar Kids Say The Darndest Things, wherever she performed and received a lasting ovation, and adjacent got to bash impressions for Tiffany Haddish!

When "Anthem Girl" isn't engaged singing successful beforehand of thousands of fans successful stadiums oregon playing the young Selena, determination is 1 spot successful Los Angeles that is her implicit spell to.

"I've been going to Carneys for the past 2 years and too the nutrient being delicious, the proprietor John, he's 1 of my biggest fans," she told OTRC.

So what does this up and coming commencement bid astatine Carneys?

"I person to person a treble cheeseburger, clasp everything but for ketchup. I besides person delicious chili food fries, 3 cocoa spot cookies and a fare coke due to the fact that I request to enactment successful shape!"

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