'Acid-squirting land lobster from hell' images shared by Big Bend National Park

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The rugged terrain known arsenic Big Bend surely has its stock of chaotic creatures, but sightings of 1 peculiar being has raised immoderate eyebrows -- and astir apt the hairsbreadth connected the backmost of a fewer necks too.

The mastigoproctus giganteus (Lucas) arthropod, besides known by its much communal sanction of vinegaroon, has been spotted by officials astatine Big Bend National Park, and the representation of the pincher-equipped, acid-shooting nonmigratory was capable for Houston Chronicle newsman Abigail Rosenthal to notation to it arsenic a "land lobster from hell."

Fans of the Big Bend National Park's Facebook leafage went chaotic with the comments astir their discovery.

"I americium going to person nightmares from this photo," 1 instrumentality commented. "That's capable net for today."

Vinegaroons are coming retired of their burrows looking for nutrient and emotion acknowledgment to summertime rains, according to the parks service. They turn to astir 3 inches agelong and are mostly harmless unless they're threatened.

When they get annoyed, they're susceptible of shooting acetic acerb (vinegar) from their "whips" to discourage intruders and overly-curious fans of bugs, hence their sanction vinegaroon.

Fortunately for us, the spray is non-poisonous, according to Texas A&M Agrilife Extension.

No, you won't find these frightening things astir Houston, but they are recovered successful westbound and southbound Texas.

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