ABC13 virtual job fair features programs that let you earn while you learn

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If you're looking for a occupation oregon a mode to gain portion you larn a caller career, ABC13 has a mode for you to get 1 of those positions quickly.

Today astatine 11:30 a.m., we're partnering with Workforce Solutions to big a virtual occupation fair. During the event, you tin use for a job, pre-apprenticeship programme oregon get different escaped vocation advice.

About 800 are jobs disposable successful respective industries, including education, construction, and leisure and hospitality. You tin use for the jobs during the lawsuit done Workforce Solutions' social media, oregon website.

There's besides an ABC13 spectator hotline wherever you tin telephone and get escaped vocation help. The fig is 832-849-0480.

In summation to the jobs, you tin use for a pre-apprenticeship programme that's accepting caller applicants. After completing the course, you tin beryllium placed into an apprenticeship successful a commercialized tract and gain a paycheck portion you larn the trade.

To preview the jobs, visit the Workforce Solutions' website, and look for the "as seen connected ABC13" section.

To enactment successful the virtual occupation fair, look for the livestream connected our website and streaming apps.

To get an thought of what to expect, cheque retired past week's occupation just successful the video subordinate above, past travel backmost to this communicative for today's unrecorded event.

For updates connected each things hiring, from employment to benefits and occupation fairs, travel Nick Natario connected Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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