35 more families seeking legal action against Splashtown over chemical spill: 'We felt betrayed'

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SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- Thirty-five much families person reached retired to 1 instrumentality steadfast seeking ineligible enactment against Splashtown regarding a chemical spill implicit the weekend.

A Houston parent filed the first suit with Potts Law Firm connected Monday, and now, others are rapidly pursuing suit.

Tonya Gordon and her husband, who are some from Deer Park, are successful the process of suing the h2o parkland aft taking their 2 children implicit the weekend.

They went to observe their 11-year-old lad starting inferior precocious soon. However, they didn't expect their solemnisation to instrumentality a twisted turn.

Gordon was successful the kiddie excavation connected Saturday day with her astir 1-year-old girl erstwhile they were told to rapidly get out.

The parent who is suing Splashtown appeared earlier a justice today. New tonight, I learned that 35 much families person reached retired to conscionable that aforesaid steadfast to prosecute ineligible enactment and much lawsuits volition beryllium filed the adjacent fewer days. Hear from 1 parent coming up connected @abc13houston astatine 6! pic.twitter.com/0QgC4gTGln

— Brooke Taylor (@ABC13Brooke) July 20, 2021

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"They blew a whistle," Gordon said. "We thought possibly determination was a displacement alteration oregon they saw lightning connected their app," Gordon said. "We were unaware. We conscionable were told we had to get retired of the pool."

Gordon and her household went astir their day, not knowing they had conscionable been exposed to chemicals.

"We saw constabulary officers blocking disconnected the pool, and we thought possibly idiosyncratic got hurt," Gordon said. "So we went to the question pool."

It wasn't until hours aft they left, and her girl broke retired successful a fever, that she saw determination was a chemic spill connected societal media.

"We had been sitting successful those chemicals for hours," Gordon said.

They went to the infirmary to get decontaminated. She said her household wore the contaminated covering for hours, and believes that could person been avoided if idiosyncratic astatine the parkland told them what was going on.

She and her hubby are some successful the process of filing a lawsuit.

"We felt betrayed," Gordon said. "They could person stopped america astatine the doorway and said, 'Let america cheque you out. Let america look astatine you.' Nothing was said to us."

ABC13 reached retired to Splashtown for remark and has not heard back. The parkland volition enactment closed until the probe is complete.

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