3 wounded in a shooting outside Nationals Park, fans scramble

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WASHINGTON -- Three radical were injured successful a shooting Saturday nighttime extracurricular Nationals Park successful Washington, DC, sending shot fans and players scrambling during a game, constabulary said.

A instrumentality extracurricular of the stadium was 1 of 3 radical wounded, according to Ashan Benedict, enforcement adjunct main of constabulary for DC's Metropolitan Police Department.

CNN journalists wrong the stadium reported proceeding aggregate large bangs during the bottommost of the 6th inning successful a crippled betwixt the Washington Nationals and San Diego Padres.

Fans fled their seats and sought structure aft proceeding the gunfire. Benedict said determination yet was nary menace to radical wrong the stadium.

"I conscionable privation to guarantee the nationalist that astatine nary clip during this incidental were individuals wrong the stadium attending the crippled successful immoderate benignant of danger. This was not an progressive shooter incidental and it's not being investigated arsenic such. Everything took spot extracurricular the stadium," helium said.

Benedict told reporters that 2 vehicles were progressive successful a "shootout" connected a thoroughfare extracurricular of the stadium during the game. Police recovered 1 of the vehicles but the different remains at-large.

The 2 different radical wounded successful the shooting were associated with the recovered conveyance and are present successful the infirmary being questioned by police, according to Benedict. It's unclear what their nonstop engagement was successful the incident. Benedict besides said those individuals were known to instrumentality enforcement.

The instrumentality who was shot, a woman, is expected to recover, Benedict said. Police initially said successful statements posted connected Twitter that 4 radical were shot.

The Washington Nationals had fans shelter-in-place wrong the stadium during the contiguous aftermath of the gunfire, according to Scott Fear, vice president for nationalist information and information for the Washington Nationals. A connection connected the scoreboard soon aft the shooting told fans to stay wrong the shot park, but it was aboriginal updated to accidental it was harmless for fans to permission the stadium.

A shooting has been reported extracurricular of the Third Base Gate astatine Nationals Park.

Fans are encouraged to exit the ballpark via the CF and RF gates astatine this time.

We're moving with instrumentality enforcement to supply much accusation arsenic soon arsenic it becomes available.

— Washington Nationals (@Nationals) July 18, 2021

"We held structure successful spot for astir 10 to 15 minutes. At that clip we said fans were allowed, not that they had to, but they were allowed to exit done Center Field Gates and Right Field Gates connected the different broadside of the stadium, due to the fact that MPD had fto maine cognize that it was harmless capable that they could spell outside, retired of the gross that way," said Fear.

The remainder of the crippled was suspended until Sunday afternoon, the Nationals said connected Twitter.

Tonight's crippled has been suspended owed to an incidental surrounding Nationals Park.

It volition resume tomorrow, Sunday, July 18, astatine 1:05 PM ET. pic.twitter.com/PAGf0uYZ9Y

— Washington Nationals (@Nationals) July 18, 2021

"The suspended crippled volition resume opening astatine 1:05 PM ET and beryllium completed arsenic a nine-inning regularisation game," the squad said.

Game 3 of the Nationals-Padres bid that was primitively scheduled to statesman astatine the aforesaid clip Sunday but volition alternatively beryllium played astatine the decision of the suspended game, the squad said.

San Diego Padres prima Fernando Tatis Jr. posted connected Twitter his appreciation for those who responded to the shooting.

Hope everyone is safe! Just support the prayers up🙏🏾 convey you everyone that assistance successful the beforehand enactment ! God bless 🙏🏾

— Fernando Tatis Jr. (@tatis_jr) July 18, 2021

"Hope everyone is safe! Just support the prayers up convey you everyone that assistance successful the beforehand line! God bless," helium said.

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