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Absen successfully hosts a global webinar on virtual studio solutions

Absen hosted a global webinar this Thursday to highlight its virtual studio solutions. The webinar was hosted by Christian Czimny, from Absen Germany, and featured in the company of Totti Chen, CEO of Digital Fun, Wayne Romanowski of Video Production at 4 Wall Entertainment, Rene Amador , founder and CEO of AR Wall, and Feifan Lu, Absen Product Specialist. The group explored new technology that many audiovisual professionals have turned to to create more visually appealing content.

The virtual studio harbors no more mystery than the use of "LEDs in cameras"

There was a highlight at the beginning, when Romanowski described the Virtual Studio with "LEDs in the cameras", an explanation that was seconded by Czimny because many people fear the virtual studio because it sounds new. Romanowski, a senior industry expert who started using Absen LED products in 2005, revealed that it is not such a mysterious resource and there is no need to fear new technology.

Find the right professionals to make the virtual studio profitable

The webinar also offered suggestions on implementing virtual LED platforms for the first time. According to Amador, finding a professional team, an integrator or a company specialized in virtual studio solutions is essential. "Having a person who understands the entire process, even if we are working remotely and can just help you that way, will be really critical to making the virtual studio profitable." It is imperative that professionals in the audiovisual field know how to implement LED technology in their projects.

Absen's ability to offer virtual studio solutions

Feifan Lu presented Absen's products and solutions for virtual studios, including PL2.5 Pro, AX1.5, MR4.8 and JP4.8. All Absen solutions feature extremely high frame rates and refresh rates that help reduce visual problems and meet advanced industry standards. Each of these products is carefully selected by Absen's product managers, and they believe that the virtual studio is the way to go.

Overall, the webinar was a success with a total of 848 views. This was the start of a global series on Absen's virtual studio solutions that will be followed by a panel discussion entitled "LEDs in cameras" scheduled for May 19, 2021. Future events are also being planned. Absen looks forward to further discussions with integrators and industry experts from around the world. For more information on virtual studios, please visit .


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