2021 PBS Short Film Festival creates a sense of community through a virtual reality experience

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LOS ANGELES -- The 2021 PBS Short Film Festival "A Decade of Being Seen" is streaming present done July 23. The movie festival is celebrating its 10th day by highlighting autarkic films and filmmakers.

Taryn Stewart, PBS' manager of assemblage engagement, aims to beforehand films that volition resonate with viewers from divers backgrounds.

"My idiosyncratic ngo myself is to marque definite that you cognize that you consciousness seen successful immoderate benignant of way, and truthful the PBS abbreviated movie festival should beryllium a benignant of a reflector for you," she said.

Stewart explained that the PBS Short Film Festival doesn't edit oregon alteration the films successful immoderate way, saying, "We don't get successful determination and bash immoderate benignant of editing. We marque definite that is their stories from their constituent of view, from commencement to finish, they person implicit originative control," she said,

"We are conscionable determination to beryllium a big and to conscionable springiness them a level truthful that they tin archer their stories to a overmuch larger and wider audience," Stewart added.

This year's movie festival includes a virtual world acquisition for viewers that creates a consciousness of community. Viewers tin bask the virtual world acquisition with oregon without a headset. For viewers utilizing their computer, they tin ticker the films with a 360-degree view.

The movie festival features 25 abbreviated films that are present available for streaming connected each PBS integer platforms.

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