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10 things to know as we hit 1,000 coronavirus cases in the Houston area

 After the first coronavirus cases were reported in the Houston area in the first few days of March, in less than a month, that number ballooned to more than 1,000 cases across multiple counties that make up the greater Houston area.

In the past several days, the total number of local cases has increased exponentially each day. See how many cases have been reported in the Houston area each day.

Who is getting coronavirus?
With the sheer volume of data being shared by health officials, it can be Houston News difficult to understand the true scope of the impact coronavirus is having on the region.

KPRC 2 went through all of the data being reported by Houston-area health departments and districts to get a better look at exactly who is feeling the brunt of the pandemic and where they live. Some of the findings are:

More women than men have contracted the virus in the area
By age, the most coronavirus cases have been reported among people in their 50s, followed closely by people in their 40s.
More coronavirus cases are travel-related in the Houston area
See these and more eye-opening graphs here.

How many have died? How many have recovered?
Houston area: 10 deaths and 67 recoveries

Note: These numbers are constantly updating. Please check the links to see the latest numbers.

How does the Houston area compare to the rest of Texas?
With more than 1,000 cases in the Houston-area, the area is considered the hotspot in Texas with Harris County reporting the highest number of cases in the state. As expected, other hotspots in the state are centered around populous areas near Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio. See an interactive map that breaks down the number of cases in Texas.

What states have the most cases?
COVID-19 cases are ballooning in the U.S. and some states have become epicenters of the outbreak in the country. New York state is currently the state with the most number of coronavirus cases with more than 66,000. There have also been more than 1,000 coronavirus-related deaths in the state.

See a full state-by-state breakdown of cases in the U.S. here.

I got laid off/ lost my job. Who’s hiring?
Know someone who may need a job during these tough times? Several companies stated that they are hiring anyone to help out with the growing demand in the Houston-area. Grocery store staples H-E-B, Kroger, Joe V’s Smart Shop and Randalls are currently hiring in areas such as stocking, cashiering, curbside pick-up and delivery. These short-term positions may last up to 60 days. Here’s a full list of companies that are hiring.

Bills are piling up. What should I do?
With layoffs and furloughs, and businesses Press Release Distribution Services In Houston closing for weeks, income may be down and unemployment is up. You may be worrying about how you’re going to pay the bills. KPRC 2 talked to a financial adviser to get some advice. Here’s what they say you should prioritize. If you’re worried about making your mortgage or rent payment this month, here are some ways you can get help.

What help will I get from the government?
Last week, Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed a history-making $2 trillion emergency aid package that includes various resources for people and businesses struggling as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s a breakdown of 14 highlights of the stimulus bill.

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