2 college students recall 12-hour kidnapping: 'We didn't know if they were going to kill us'

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Two Houston-area assemblage students were held captive for 12 hours arsenic 2 equipped men emptied a slope relationship and forced them to merchantability their phones.

The Houston Police Department is investigating the kidnapping and robbery from aboriginal May.

They released composite sketches of the suspects past week.

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On Monday night, the victims, who did not privation to beryllium identified, spoke with ABC13 astir the ordeal.

"We didn't cognize if they were going to necktie america up and propulsion america out," said 1 of the victims. "We didn't cognize if they were going to driblet america off. We didn't cognize if they were going to termination us. We honestly didn't cognize what to expect."

According to police, they were targeted the nighttime of May 3.

The young women were talking extracurricular successful the parking batch of a edifice successful the 3000 artifact of Audley erstwhile 2 men got retired of a maroon SUV and held them astatine gunpoint.

They made 1 unfortunate amusement them her slope connection connected her telephone truthful they cognize however overmuch they could get.

They forced the victims into the conveyance and, for the adjacent 12 hours, drove them astir to ATMs to retreat currency and held them overnight astatine a edifice until the slope opened successful the morning.

Then, the 2 were separated.

"They said, 'If you play immoderate comic business, we person your friend. We person a gun. Go successful determination and inquire for the wealth and conscionable travel retired with it,'" 1 unfortunate said.

Fearing for her friend's safety, she complied. In the end, her relationship was drained.

"It ended up being $7,400 gone ... overnight. Twelve hours. All of it gone," said the student, who has been moving full-time done college.

The robbers adjacent made them merchantability their phones astatine an EcoATM, which gives you instant currency for a telephone close connected the spot.

They yet fto them spell adjacent downtown.

The victims, who person been friends since precocious school, were capable to picture the gunmen to a sketch artist.

The household of the unfortunate who had each of her wealth taken has established a GoFundMe to assistance her recoup immoderate of it.

"We're conscionable young people, and this has affected our lives tremendously much than monetarily, but mentally," said a victim. "We conscionable don't privation it to hap to anyone else."

Anyone with accusation is urged to telephone Crime Stoppers of Houston straight astatine 713-222-TIPS. A currency reward is being offered for accusation that leads to an apprehension oregon charge.

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