18 Texas students band together to launch their own rocket

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CLUTE, Texas (KTRK) -- You whitethorn not cognize this, but a talented radical of students astatine Brazoswood High School successful Clute, Texas, launched a rocket of their own!

The 18 students are a portion of the Goddard Rocket Program, which operates successful schools crossed respective states.

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The rocket engineering programme aims to situation students, forcing them to make their program utilizing their ain strengths.

Chris McLeod is the teacher and said the territory started the programme successful 2012.

"Since then, we've grown to a three-year program," helium said. "That includes this Goddard-level course, wherever they fundamentally effort to acceptable a satellite grounds with a hybrid rocket. This year, the rocket was 18-feet-long. It weighed 250, 260 pounds, afloat fueled. It had a 7-inch diameter, which is really the astir optimized rocket that they've ever built successful the program."

McLeod said they don't cognize if the radical deed the record. He said determination was a method contented with the U.S. Army's radar tracking.

Despite the glitch, the programme is inspiring the adjacent procreation of abstraction explorers.

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