16-year-old boy finds his mom shot and killed in north Harris County apartment

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A lad discovered his parent changeable to decease wrong their flat successful northbound Harris County overnight.

The lad called 911 astir 12:20 a.m. Tuesday from their location connected Ella Boulevard adjacent Grand Point Road.

The 16-year-old lad was successful his chamber unsocial erstwhile helium heard a gunshot, Harris County deputies said. He ran downstairs to find his parent dead, and the shooter obscurity to beryllium found.

The fishy took disconnected successful his mother's car, deputies believe.

A pistillate was changeable and killed portion her 16yo lad was location successful different room. He came retired to find Mom dead.@HCSOTexas detectives accidental it looks similar the shooter kicked successful the beforehand door, changeable her, past took disconnected successful her car. No statement of shooter yet. Will support you posted. pic.twitter.com/TwzWahEQgG

— Courtney Fischer (@CourtneyABC13) July 20, 2021

Detectives accidental it looks similar the shooter kicked successful the doorway to get inside.

Investigators are looking for a semipermanent boyfriend, perchance ex-boyfriend, who's successful the woman's life.

Detectives accidental helium hasn't been astir successful a fewer months, but they've been called to the flat earlier to grip home issues betwixt the couple.

The fellow is not considered a fishy astatine this time, but detectives bash privation to find retired wherever helium was past night.

"There's a 3rd big antheral we judge resides successful the apartment, oregon has resided successful the apartment, that is not here," Sgt. Dennis Wolfford said. "We are looking for him astatine this point. We bash not cognize if helium is simply a fishy oregon conscionable a witnesser that we privation to speech to."

Deputies person not released a fishy description.

Overnight, officials discovered a car submerged successful h2o adjacent connected Ella Boulevard. Detectives confirmed it's not the woman's car.

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