11-year-old girl shot 5 times while sleeping in SW Houston risks losing partial vision

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The household of an 11-year aged miss who was earnestly wounded aft idiosyncratic opened occurrence extracurricular of their home connected Blanchard Hill is asking the assemblage for prayers.

Vadyn King's parent tells Eyewitness News her girl happened to beryllium sleeping connected the sofa erstwhile bullets came flying done their location aboriginal Sunday morning.

Bedroom windows were near pierced from bullets, solid shattered, arsenic good arsenic slug holes done the ceramic connected the home.

The child's parent said the children crawled to information into her room, and erstwhile they were capable to crook connected the lights she realized her girl was clutching her bleeding eye.

Paramedics recovered bullets had besides grazed the girl's arms and legs.

Vadyn, who remains successful the ICU astatine Texas Children's Hospital, risks losing full eyesight successful her near oculus owed to the bullet.

"Right present she's being arsenic beardown arsenic she perchance can," her relative said. "She's telling everybody to beryllium strong, she's okay. She wants to spot her sisters."

Vadyn's 10- and 14-year-old sisters were besides some successful the location erstwhile the gunfire erupted.

The household has acceptable up a GoFundMe account to assistance with infirmary expenses.

"Our detectives and our transgression country portion are processing the country and performing interviews to spot what we tin find out," HPD Commander Jonathon Halliday said Sunday morning. "We don't cognize the motive close now. There is immoderate surveillance video, but we've conscionable initially reviewed it. So the lone statement we present person is an SUV with 3 males wearing hoodies."

Due to foggy conditions Sunday morning, constabulary said the licence sheet connected the SUV couldn't beryllium seen successful the surveillance video.

Residents successful the country are urged to cheque their information cameras. Anyone with further videos oregon accusation successful the lawsuit is urged to interaction HPD Major Assaults astatine (713) 308-8800.

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